Bicycle parking



Double U is a temporary bicycle parking that is adaptable and adjustable. It has a unique design that is both aesthetic and functional for the public space. The design allows to paste up pictures, advertisements, and logos.


Double U has a positive impact on the environment:
– it is made out of recycled pieces of wood and is cut in a Danish factory.
– providing bicycle parking at events push people to use their bike instead of their cars. 


We provide a service for festivals and events which include: delivery, installation, removal, maintenance, and promotion on the bicycle boards.


Minimal and playful

Double U is made out of multiple wooden boards that are assembled together. This assembly of quadratic components creates a W that can be done to infinite allowing the bicycles to park on both sides. The hole in the middle boards allows locking the bikes to the rack.


Make order, safety and nudge the cyclists

Double U at festivals

Musik i Lejet, Roskilde festival 16 & 17, Distortion and others event.

Working with Double U at Distortion 2017 was a pleasure. People have a tendency to toss their bikes right next to our entrance, so having Double U’s bike parking set up further down the road help relieve a lot of that pressure. It was also great for my volunteers to have a specific, well-signed place to guide bikes as well. Double U’s concept it definitely usable at festivals.

Distortion 2017

Available for sale

The boards can be personalized with the illustrations or logos of your choice!

Illustrations & Logos

Double U 's original visuals

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Meet our team

Aurélia Durand

CEO, Product & Graphic designer

Aurélia is a French entrepreneur and designer living in Copenhagen. She has a strong ability to think globally a concept from an observation of a need in our society to the conception of a product by doing sketches, prototyping, and creating the visual identity.

Valeria Bottiglione

Brand & Communication Manager

Expert in development and communication of brands.

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